This page contains more information about the different projects we’ve launched, and some information about projects we’re working on for the future. More detailed information about each application is located on the About page of each application.

Hansard Search

Hansard Search

The Hansard search tool developed by OpenNWT has been built to make the Legislative Assembly more accessible and user friendly. The Hansard published by the Assembly is a long document that isn’t easy to read through or to search through. The web format we’ve published the Hansard in structures the information more clearly and enables detailed searching.

The tool is based on the excellent work over at and takes a lot of inspiration from similar efforts across the world including, a community-driven Hansard search tool in the UK.

NWT Contracts

NWT Contracts

The NWT Contracts tool exists for two reasons, one, to publish information about currently open GNWT contracts combined with historical information about bidders and similar contracts, and two, to make historical information about government contracting more usable. The GNWT currently publishes an annual report of all contracts (over $5,000) that have been issued. This report is released as a ~400 page PDF file limiting searching and linking of the information. We’ve taken this data and made it possible to compare between years, search the data, and find linkages.

In the near future we will offer e-mail alerts for new and awarded contracts and the ability to export the data tables into a variety of formats including CSV and Excel.

Hansard Search

Find contact info and social media links for election candidates, election related news and other information related to the 2019 territorial election.

The site is a community-driven election inforamtion site to make it easier for voters to find out more about their candidates.

Travel Disclosures

Where do our MLAs go? (MLA Travel Disclosures)

The 'Where do our MLAs go?' tool re-publishes the GNWT's existing travel expense disclosures in a visual table display. This tool takes the information published in the GNWT's travel disclosure documents. Ihe published data is searchable, sortable, and ready for export into Excel. The information is not a complete view of travel expenses by Ministers/MLAs, but it does provide easy access to the information that is published.

Travel disclosures can be exported in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel and PDF reports.

Budget Talk

NWT Budget Talk

OpenNWT's Budget Talk Ideas is designed to allow NWT residents to discuss priorities, ideas and suggestions for the upcoming GNWT budget. Although this website is not an official GNWT consultation, it does allow for public discussion and input to help the GNWT decide how and where to invest our money.